Sunglassess for kids who wear glasses.

So, your kid wears sunglasses

There are many options if your children wears sunglasses, you can style protect their eyesa and make them look good.

1) Transition glasses. Also know as photochromic lenses, these are lenses that change colour when they are exposed to UV light. Lenses will get darker when in the sun and will return to their clear state when back inside. The main advantage is that your kids don't need to have a separed pair of sunglasses. The only disantavage is that it takes a couple minutes to transition from a dark state to a clear state.

2) Clip ons. Clip-ons give you the flexibility of keeping your kids current glasses, specially if you don't want to pay for an aditional pair. Clip-ons are accesories that attach in front of regular glasses to provide with extra protection against the sun.

3) Prescription sunglasses. Another alternative is to get prescription sunglasses for your kids. This might be a more expensive choice but is better of for your kids. They can switch glasses if they are in the sun or inside.