Baby Banz Sunglasses 0-2 years Aqua

100% UV protection Babybanz sunglasses with a unique patented adjustable band which holds the glasses in place. Designed in Australia. For ages 0-2 years. * The design of the polycarbonate frames on Babybanz sunglasses allows for a close fit to the baby's face with minimal or no UV leakage from the sides. * The patented strap ensures that the Babybanz fit comfortably and securely. * Babybanz have no breakable hinges or arms. * The Australian Cancer Council sells Babybanz and recommends that infants' eyes be protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. * Babybanz are fully compliant with EC and Australian standards. Protective Baby Banz sunglass case available separately.
    Price: £9.00

    Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days

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