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Sunglasses for Kids

Choosing the right sunglasses for your children is very important. Most adults wear sunglasses for fashion reasons, but when it comes to children, sunglasses are important for safety and protection.

We'll help you to choose the right sunglasses for your children. Visit our store and browse our selection of brands to find out more.

Latest offers for kids:


Baby Banz Sunglasses 0-2 years

For Babies 0-2 years there is a large selection of colours. These Baby Banz have been designed with you little ones in mind to protect them from the harmful UV rays and provide with a safe, fun and confortable style of sunglasses.



Get ready for winter with these googles. Sun in the mountains can be very strong so be prepared. Ski Banz offers great protection for winder activities. These are professional grade ski googles with 100% UV protection. They come with a handy cleaning cloth that doubles as a carring case.

 Zoobug Spyder

Zoobug Designer Sunglasses 100% UV - Age 8+

These Zoobug sunglasses are specially made in Italy and are designed to protect the sensitive eyes of your kids. The aluminum frame provides extra strength and grip for sports and adventure. The sunglasses are manufactured in compliance with ECC Directive 89/686 and EN 1836:1997 and provide 100% of UV protection.


Banz Retro Kidz Sunglasses

These are a fantastic option for younger kids that are running and playing outside in the sun. The adjustable neoprene band provides with an optimal fit and ensures that your kids keep the sunglasses on.

These are clinically tested and guarantee 100% UVA & UVB protection.

Ray Ban Junior RJ 9507s Shiny Silver (rj9507s-21211) 

 Ray Ban Junior RJ 9507s Shiny Silver

For boys and girls who like to have a cool and trendy look. The highlight of these Ray-Ban is the sleek visor design that shows a sporty but smart look.


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